The overall debt of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board this year is Rs 80000 crore

TN Minister mocks DMK MLA over power-shortage says touch the wires and feel the shockImage: Natham Viswanathan/TN DIPR
news Thursday, August 27, 2015 - 14:24

Not being able to answer the questions of the opposition and people of Tamil Nadu over the power-situation in Tamil Nadu, ADMK politicians in Tamil Nadu seem to be getting down to jokes to dismiss the issue faced by several lakh people in Tamil Nadu.

On Wednesday, Tamil Nadu Minister for Power, Electricity and Excise, Natham Vishwanathan, made light of the complaint by DMK MLA Conoor Ramachandran in the Assembly that there is  50% power cut in Tamil Nadu. In response to it, the Minister mocked the MLA and said he should put his finger in a power-point and feel the shock.

 Natham R Vishwanathan, contested the MLA's claim and said "Hon'ble member does not know the facts and is living in another world. Tamil Nadu is surplus in power and there is no question of any load shedding," adding that "The member should put his fingers in the power point and if there was no power he won't get a shock."

According to a recent article in The Hindu, the State currently generates only 13000 MW which is just enough to meet the existing demand. The State is tackling the power crisis through purchase agreements within the States and power producers outside Tamil Nadu. 

Further, the state power corporation is in immense debt because of the increased capital expenditure on capacity development. The Business Standard reported that  overall debt of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is Rs 80000 crore in 2015 from Rs 40000 crore in 2010-2011.