The minister said private companies use preservatives to increase shelf life of their products.

TN Minister alleges private milk companies sell adulterated milk that causes cancerImage:
news Dairy industry Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 10:31

Tamil Nadu Dairy Development Minister K T Rajenthra Bhalaji on Wednesday, made serious allegations against the private milk companies claiming that they sell adulterated milk and was the cause of cancer in many children. 

The minister said during a function in Chennai that he was collecting more information and would sue the companies involved. The minister said, “Milk sold by private dealers is definitely adulterated. The milk that is banned in Kerala is being sold in Tamil Nadu according to my investigation,” reported The New Indian Express.

He asserted that the companies were using preservatives and the milk sold by state run milk cooperative Aavin was safe for consumption. He added that samples of the milk were sent to Pune for testing and if any harmful chemicals are found, action would be taken.

The minister highlighted that the private companies used preservatives to increase the shelf life of their products.“Normally , soon after the cow or buffalo is milked, the milk will remain unspoilt for nearly five hours. This is the case with unadulterated milk.But there is milk produced by private producers which is fine for consumption for several days. This is possible only if preservatives had been added," said the minister, reported The Times of India.   

The private companies criticised the minister’s comments and questioned how Aavin was doing the same process differently. Ponnusamy SA, the founder and president Tamil Nadu Milk Dealers Employee Welfare Association said that Aavin milk also takes 20 hours from procurement to sale.

He also blamed the government for ignoring their demands for a monitoring mechanism in the wake of a Supreme Court verdict in 2012. They alleged that they had filed a petition at the chief minister’s cell and also to the dairy development minister and its secretary after Supreme Court’s order on milk adulteration.

He wants the government to find out about companies who are adulterating milk and take strict action. He said that the government must have flying squads to check the quality of the milk and punish those involved in it.


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