Only 5 percent marriages in India are inter-caste

Times of India offers discounts for inter-caste inter-religious matrimonial ads
news Monday, May 23, 2016 - 13:56

In a move to support inter-caste and inter-community marriages across the country, TOI has designated a separate column for matrimonial ads seeking grooms and brides across caste and religious lines. . 

The ad, published in the Sunday edition of the daily, encouraged more people to come forward and place and proposals under the exclusive section for inter-caste, inter-community and inter-religion marriages.

Opening with the cliche ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, the advertisement goes on to talk about the increasing trend of inter-caste and inter-community marriages, saying that they are becoming more acceptable in the society. However, only 5 percent marriages in India are inter-caste, as per a study by the National Council of Applied Economic Research.

The TOI advertisement is looking to promote its column (and the sentiment behind it) by giving economical incentives. Readers posting a matrimonial under the 'Caste no bar' column can avail a 25 percent discount. They have promised a 50 percent discount for matrimonials posted under the ‘Religion no bar’ subsection.

Read the advertisement here.