And then there’s the favourite conspiracy theory of all Amma supporters

Three interesting theories on why there are power cuts in Tamil Nadu
news Thursday, May 12, 2016 - 12:49

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing erratic power cuts lately with residents across several cities complaining of blackouts. TNEB officials have attributed the cuts to load shedding, industrial pollution and most importantly, the sweltering heat. However, the general public, have their own theories, in the midst of the election season.

1.    Money laundering in the dark. Literally.

What’s stopping criminals, goondas and some politicians from transacting shady monetary deals, you may ask? Shiny bright lights, it seems. Political conspirators believe the corrupt operate under the cover of darkness. It is in the darkness that bribes are being handed out to voters.

2.  State election commission is behind it to discredit ruling dispensation

This theory suggests that unscheduled power cuts are the handiwork of the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission. And with the state going to polls in less than week, those spinning this story believe the autonomous body is attempting to discredit the ruling AIADMK by ‘forcing’ such power disruptions.  

3.   DMK’s ploy to #SendOffJaya

And then there’s the favourite conspiracy theory of all Amma supporters who, without any hesitation, point fingers at the DMK. They allege that it was during the DMK’s tenure that the power crisis started, and therefore, the outages now are their doing. These Amma loyalists, however, have conveniently forgotten that load shedding continued well into Jayalalithaa’s term as well.


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