These newborn twins need your urgent help with their treatment

Parimala and her husband said that they finally conceived twins after trying for a long time. But it soon turned into a nightmare.
Parimala and Ravi's twins
Parimala and Ravi's twins
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“Ever since we lost our child at the age of eight, I was devastated. All day I was lying in bed, without sleeping or eating. The guilt of not being able to save my first child weighed heavily on me. But as time passed, I and my husband, Ravi decided to try for another child. But fate has been cruel to us yet again,” Parimala cries. Parimala and her husband said that they finally conceived twins after trying for a long time. But it soon turned into a nightmare.

Both babies were premature and were shifted to an ICU immediately after birth. Both the babies had trouble breathing due to underdeveloped lungs and so they were put on ventilators to support them. Doctors have been monitoring the progress but they say that the twins need prolonged ICU stay.

The total cost of the combined treatment is Rs 10 lakh, but the parents have no means to arrange for such a huge amount. Owing to their severely limited income, they have spent whatever they had on the initial treatment. They are now seeking help through fundraising

“I have already lost my first child and it does not let me sleep peacefully at night. Today if I lose my twins too, I won’t be able to live with myself. What wrong have we done? All we wanted was to become parents and provide our children with a better future than ours but because of our financial constraints, we will never be able to experience that happiness,” said Ravi, in a heavy tone.

With each moment passing, the twins’ health becomes more critical. Please help these children go back home with their parents. Let these parents enjoy the joys of parenthood. Donate to support their twins’ treatment.

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