Due to the 'Me Too' allegations, one of Kalki's films was not included in MAMI while another project has been put on hold.

There will be collateral damage but Me Too is necessary Actor Kalki KoechlinKalki Koechlin/Instagram
news #MeToo Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - 17:22

As India is still grappling with wave after wave of the #MeToo movement, those named as alleged perpetrators have been taken off projects, their content pulled down from websites and their films dropped from film festivals. And while some commend people for taking a stand against the offenders in the workspace, others who have worked on such projects argue that their own hard work should not go to waste because of one person’s alleged misbehaviour and/or crime.

The latest to weigh in on the issue is actor Kalki Koechlin. Speaking to news agency PTI, she said while the #MeToo movement could result in “collateral damage”, it does not take away from the significance of what is happening.

“A lot of people are collateral damage. One of my films is not in MAMI while another project is on hold,” she said, adding that this is something we must accept now and that the movement was necessary. “Things need to be fine-tuned and changed and if it makes us more sensitive then it's good,” she added.

However, Kalki was not as clear when it came to the topic of disassociating with alleged offenders. She said that each case and crime are different. For instance, a rapist or molester will have to face more severe punishment than someone who has sent coloured or unwelcome texts. She stressed on the importance of due process and thorough investigation to ascertain the deserving punishment for each case.

Kalki’s own friends – Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap, who is also her ex-husband – had had to dissolve their production house Phantom Films due to allegations of sexual assault by Vikas Bahl, another partner in the company. She did not comment on the specific cases.

Kalki observed that the overall mood in the Hindi film industry was that of introspection. “The result is only going to be a cleaner, safer environment at work,” she said. Elucidating the same, she said that she was working on a play now and that its director had sent her a contract on sexual harassment. Applauding developments like these, Kalki said that it will result in more sensitivity and the knowledge of who to complain to in case one feels uncomfortable. “It's a productive time in terms of the change,” she said.

Kalki will be seen next in a crime-thriller web series Smoke, which will be on Amazon Prime on October 26. Smoke will premiere at global entertainment content market MIPCOM 2018 in Cannes under the 'Made in India Originals' category. The event is being held at Cannes in France on October 15.

It is set in the underbelly of Goa and is the only Indian web series to be showcased at the gala this year.