She chose Sobha Classic thinking the security would be more lax as it was newly built apartment

Theatre artists death She researched ways to commit suicide say policeImage: Isha Handa/ Facebook
news Wednesday, September 02, 2015 - 09:36

The Bengaluru police have confirmed that Isha Handa, the theatre artist based in Bengaluru who was found dead on Sunday, committed suicide. The police are still not clear about her motive.

Bangalore Mirror reported that the forensic department revealed that Isha had been planning and researching on "how to commit suicide" and the "best method" through Google searches on her smartphone. 
On Sunday evening, Isha was found dead in Sobha Classic apartments in HSR layout in Bengaluru.  
Speaking to The News Minute, Rohini Katoch, DCP (South-East) had said, "She walks in to the apartment complex. She climbs to the 13th floor of the building and jumps."
None of the 250 families in the apartment complex seem to have known or recognised her. Isha was the founder-member of Stayglad and a wellness consultant. 
According to the Bangalore Mirror, she searched 89 websites before zeroing on jumping from a building. Isha then researched on the appropriate height of the building. She hailed a cab to hunt for the building she would jump off from. The bill from the call-taxi revealed that she checked out two other apartment complexes before finalising on Sobha Classic. 
The BM report said that the police suspect the she chose Sobha Classic since it was relatively new and less-occupied compared to the other two apartments and so the security would be more lax. 
The Mumbai girl who had been staying in Bengaluru for five years and was a resident of Diamond District on Old Madras Road in Domlur. 
The police has been questioning people who knew Isha.
"She did not leave a death note. We have been questioning her friends colleagues, boyfriend and family to understand the reason for the death. Based on what we are getting we are trying understand what exactly led to it." Katoch added. 
According to the police, there was no alcohol in her system. Her visceral samples were sent to the forensic lab to check for toxic substances. 
The police has registered a case of unnatural death and have sent the body to St.Johns Hospital in Koramangala for autopsy