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The News Minute | September 12, 2014 | 10:44 am IST  The Voice of Stray Dogs (VoSD) is an NGO in Bangalore that rescues and rehabilitates stray dogs in the city. Opened in 2012 Bangalore, the not for profit organisation claims to have rescued '2700+ dogs in 22 months'.  VoSD also works as a sort of public helpline where people can report an injured or helpless stray dog and the organisation has also created an Android App for that reason.  However, a post written and uploaded recently on Facebook by Rakesh Shukla, founder of VoSD, has taken many by surprise. The post announced: All public engagement of VoSD Rescue to close eff. 30 Sept 2014. This means that the public helpline and App provided by VoSD will be closed by the organisation by the end of the month.   This reaction comes apparently as a result of the shoddy treatment meted out to VoSD by people and organisations of the city. In his post, Shukla writes about his annoyance at Bangalore, the city that 'bitches', and its people, his 'gift' to the city that, he feels, does not deserve it and his perseverance at continuing his job.  Part of the post reads, "Of this ENTIRE system I reckon the TOTAL contribution of everyone who has contribute to VoSD has been maybe 2-3%! Of which I've been very grateful. Have always acknowledged everyone publicly and personally. It humbling to see someone from Asansol or Nasik send ₹ 1000 because they believe in what we do. I've said in many talks – its Bangalore that bitches. People from outside Bangalore & outside India who visit us scarcely believe something like this exists, in the time it does. " "VoSD was a privilege I gave Bangalore. It was not an entitlement. It was certainly not the right to assume that they are 'customers' and they treat my system, my people and me as most Indian's with a little bit of money treat others when they think they have a position of privilege. Like 'servants'." "VoSD, and VoSD people, and I, are NOT your servants. We are NOT meant to serve you. You have NO entitlement. My men are answerable to me and the system I have created. And it is a ruthless system. That they work in because it is a fair and rewarding system. Something you will never understand because you don't know anything about dogs. Or men." He concludes by saying "Thanks to all the crap we get from 'Bangalore' I'm withdrawing this privilege I've given you." As this message spread, many were confused and thought that VoSD and all its operations were about to shut down. But VoSD put out another post explaining that it was just the public helpline part of VoSD that would cease to work and all other operations would carry on. "VoSD will NEVER close. And VoSD's rescue will NEVER stop." "All the infrastructure and people will remain operational. But it will not be for public use anymore. It will be for my use and for the dogs and situations I, and my associates think fit. VoSD FB posts and other updates will continue." The VoSD App, though, will also become inoperative in a few days. Many readers while expressing their disappointment have requested Shukla to not take the extreme step for the actions of a few and reconsider his decisions.  Some of the comments on the post read:  "i never thought this day would come You, Rakesh, backing off because of a bunch of low lives? After putting together such a fantastic system in place? Do you even realize how inspiring you are? Am glad VoSD rescues will continue though. Bless you, stay strong." "Rakesh - one dimwitted individual with a myopic view of animal welfare cannot change the absolutely phenomenal impact vosd has on the lives of Bangalore stray and homeless dogs. Saddened by the news" Shukla asks in his second post, backing his decision with explanation, "What have they ( VoSD staff) done to deserve the cheap language of Bangalore's 'dog rescuers'. How does one disregard that? This is not about all-of-Bangalore and those who are our patrons and well-wishers! But we clearly get enough abuse to warrant a change." ( All images source: VoSD Facebook Page ) Read VoSD'd full post here:  Post by The Voice of Stray Dogs.
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