news Monday, June 01, 2015 - 05:30
Image for representation purpose only Even as monsoon is yet to hit the city, a 10-year-old boy drowned in a storm water drain (SWD) on Saturday afternoon in Yemalur while playing cricket with his friends, reported The Times of India. His body was found in a weed-infested stretch, a kilometre away from the drain on Sunday morning. The boy Junaid had been playing cricket with his friends when the ball landed near the drain, prompting him to fetch it. As he walked on the wooden plank placed across the drain, it gave away, tumbling him into water which was 20 feet deep. On seeing Junaid getting washed away, his scared friends ran away and did not inform anyone of the incident. After failing to locate their son, Junaid’s parents lodged a complaint with the HAL police. On questioning, the children revealed what had happened which prompted police officials to press 15 fire brigade personnel and 10 officials from Disaster Response Force into service. Locals allege that there was neither a fence or retention wall near the drain which could have prevented the mishap. Junaid was studying in a neighbourhood madrassa was the son of daily-wage workers from Uttar Pradesh. This incident comes after five-year-old Abhishek was washed away in an open drain in 2009.
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