“It doesn’t matter if your friends leave you. What matters is your life,” he warns.

 Telugu star Venkatesh raises his voice against the dangers of peer pressure
news Social Awareness Wednesday, November 16, 2016 - 17:46

Lending his voice to a highly relevant cause, Telugu actor Daggubati Venkatesh was recently featured in a video, speaking up against peer pressure. In the public service announcement, the actor can be heard talking about the evils of teenagers succumbing to pressure from their friends and how it might lead to dire consequences

The video show various teenagers indulging in smoking, drinking and drugs at the insistence of their friends. Venkatesh warns that although one might get into such questionable habits to feel involved and popular amongst their friends, they might have to pay a heavy price for it. He adds, “It doesn’t matter if your friends leave you. What matters is your life. Learn to say ‘no’ to peer pressure.” 

Venkatesh joined hands with Dr Lalitha Anand and the Teenage Foundation for the video, which was written and directed by Jennifer Alphonse. Speaking to Deccan Chronicle about his motivation to do the video, he said, “I keep hearing stories of kids who have succumbed to pressure and have done things they do not want to just for acceptance. I was happy to be a part of it. If I could influence someone it would have been worth it because it is very easy to get carried away.”



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