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The News Minute | November 15, 2014 | 06:07 pm IST Forty-seven year old Kishan Valaiah Ayula, who hails from Telangana, has a unique talent- he is a professional sword swallower. Kishan can swallow up to 23 sharp swords together, and is the proud holder of two Guinness world records. A video report by Barcoft TV shows Kishan performing the stunt and also explaining why he does what he does.  Kishan started practicing the tricks, when he was eight, under his father. He then worked in a bar for sometime, but the bar shut down eventually. That is when he got the idea to resume his practice and began performing when he was 16. Kishan now gives around 100 performances a year. Ayula Sarojana Kishan, Kishan's wife, says that though the family is proud of his achievements, they are very concerned about him at the same time, since the trick is a very dangerous one.  However, his talent and records have not helped him to make a decent living, he claims. He has six daughters and mother, along with his wife, in his family. Kishan wants to continue performing and wants to make his country proud.  Watch Barcoft TV's video here:
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