After a seven minute video showing alleged torture of three convicts, a judicial enquiry has been initiated at the Coimbatore Central prison

news Sunday, April 19, 2015 - 05:30
Following a petition, a judicial probe into prisoner treatment is underway at a Coimbatore prison after a seven minute video of alleged torture of three jail convicts at the Coimbatore Central prison leaked out. The video shows three jail inmates, S Naveen, aged 29, M Iyyappan aged 27 and A Devaraj, aged 58 allegedly being subjected to inhumane treatment inside their prison cells. However, after reports regarding the alleged torture clip, a group of 24 human rights lawyers petitioned the district sessions judge on Saturday to probe into the matter. “A group of us went and visited the Principal district and session judge and requested him to visit the prison in person to resolve the issue,” said Balamurugan, PUCL state secretary speaking to The News Minute. The entire clip allegedly captured by a warden shows the convicts clothed only in their underwear eating their meals off the prison floor. It also captures one of the inmates standing in scooping water off his prison cell floor and throwing it at the person taking the video.    Inmates found sitting in cells filled with water was allegedly a form of sleep deprivation technique used in prisons.  Saying that it was a form of torture followed during colonial times, Balamurugan said: "The prison officials think they have no personal liberty. It is illegal and part of the colonial system. The intention is to not let the inmates sleep , it’s a part of torture.” The clip also shows one of the convicts posing on the floor in what could be interpreted as sexually explicit positions. However, according to Balamurugan, instead of being concerned about the treatment of its inmates, the prison officials were more worried over how a video of the alleged torture had been captured and leaked. JK Tripathy, DG Prisons, Tamil Nadu, said “ Judicial officers have visited the prison complex now. Initially, I had sent a team to investigate but since the judiciary is now involved we want to let them look into it. We will cooperate fully and I don’t want to comment further since the matter is under judicial enquiry.”