The IMD also said that Chennai and adjoining districts may get light rains for the next two days.

news Rainfall Tuesday, January 25, 2022 - 14:42

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted light to moderate rains across Tamil Nadu till January 28 from Tuesday onwards. A feeble trough, which is an elongated region of relatively low pressure, is extending from Odisha to south coastal Andhra Pradesh leading to pitchy rainfalls, it said.

The weatherman also said that Chennai and adjoining districts may get light rains for the next two days while coastal areas have the possibility of getting light to moderate rains in the next four days. However, meteorologists predicted that by the end of the month of January, the temperature may drop by one to two degrees Celsius by night leading to the return of winter-like conditions in Chennai and other coastal areas of the state.

Maximum temperature on Tuesday  will be around 29 degrees Celsius in Chennai and the suburbs, while the minimum temperature will be 24 degrees.

The IMD also said that the cold northerly winds are touching up to Telengana where temperatures have already dropped by five to six degrees below normal. In Tamil Nadu, cloud formation had led to the continuing temperature and it will drop by one or two degrees in the days to come. 

Earlier, Chennai and parts of coastal Tamil Nadu had witnessed moderate rains on January 17 while heavy also lashed several coastal areas.

The North-East monsoon has still not withdrawn from the state and IMD officials had earlier stated that the spillover till January was not uncommon.

Chennai had seen sudden intense rainfall on December 30, and according to weather bloggers, it rained more than it had in 2015. The IMD had issued a heavy rainfall warning for two days, December 31, 2021, and January 1, but the rains on December 30 came as a surprise. Following the rains, an urgent demand to upgrade weather prediction technology at IMD Chennai (Regional Meteorological Centre) has emerged.

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