7-year-old Bana tweeted on Monday to say she had escaped East Aleppo.

Syrian girl Bana Alabed the face of Aleppos suffering evacuated from the eastern cityBana Alabed via Twitter
news Syrian civil war Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 17:11

Seven-year-old Bana Alabed, who with the help of her mother Fatemah tweets about war-torn Syria, has been safely evacuated from the city of Aleppo.

Bana first came into global limelight about three months ago, with tweets about the bombings and despair in rebel-held east Aleppo.

The sweet looking girl has over 346,000 followers. The account however, is managed by her mother Fatemah, specifies the bio.

After the aggressive military operation of Syrian army, backed by Russia, managed to regain the last of the rebel held territory last week, Bana posted on December 13 that this was her last moment “to either live or die”.

When there was no update from the Syrian girl for 24 hours, her followers launched a hashtag campaign “WhereIsBana".

Earlier this month, when Syrian government forces neared their home, the family fled for their life and the tweets were less frequent.

The mother-daughter duo even appeared in a video tagging First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama, asking her to help them and get them to a safer place. “We are so afraid,” says Fatemah. Watch it here:

On Monday, Bana tweeted to say, “I escaped from East Aleppo”.

According to a report in CNET on Monday, the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) confirmed that Alabed and her family were among many Syrian civilians, including at least 2,700 children, who were allowed to leave rebel-held zones in northern Syria over the weekend.

In another tweet, Fatemah said that they could not be completely happy until everyone who wanted to leave East Aleppo are evacuated. 


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