Here’s bringing you the stories of four actors who have battled cancer and won

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Disease knows no fame, and when it strikes, celebrities have an especially tough time coping with not just the disease, but also avoiding the media attention that comes with who they happen to be.

Actors have entertained their audiences, taken them on emotional journeys, but when they themselves face an emotional upheaval brought about by disease, and the possibility of death due to it, they are often forced to retreat from public life, which contributes to who they are as actors. Here’s bringing you the stories of four actors who have battled cancer and won:

Jishnu Raghavan


Debuting with the film 2002 film Nammal, Malayalam actor Jishnu Raghavan enthralled audiences with performances including as a supporting actor in 10 films before he was forced to take a break from his career in 2012 after he was diagnosed with cancer.

In February 2014, he posted on Facebook about his ordeal, telling his fans why he had to take a break.

Jishnu posted on Facebook: "By God's grace and your prayers, the surgery I had to go through was successful. I am back home now and recovering. The cancerous tumour was completely removed. For complete recovery it will take another six months, I guess.”

Unfortunately, in April this year, he announced that he had a cancerous tumour and that he would undergoing chemotherapy.

Encouraging others to cherish life, he said in one of his posts on Facebook:

“Being healthy is everything friends.  Do cherish your healthy life and don’t worry about small small issues. Make the best of your life. Life is great and is precious and there is a lot in this world that we can do. We should really do everything we can to contribute to the society and the country that we live in.

He added, “Smile and laughter is the biggest enemy of cancer cells. While sadness and anger are their best friends, you know whom to befriend and unfriend.”

Gouthami Tadimalla


Starting her acting career at the age of 17 in the Tamil film Guru Shishyan with established actors Rajnikanth and Prabhu, Gouthami Tadimalla has acted in several Tamil films between 1987 and 1998. At the age of 35, she was diagnosed with breast cancer which she successfully overcame.

“It’s a great privilege to just be there. Wake up in the morning and appreciate the fact that you are still there,” she said.

Her other Tamil films include Apoorva Sagodhararargal, Raja Chinna Roja, Dharma Durai, and Iruvar. Besides these, she has also made a name for herself in Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi movies.

She is also a host and launched Koffee with Anu on TV. She has also worked in a TV serial Abirami. After sixteen years, she returned to films with Papanasam.

She has said that breast cancer can be overcome with patience and determination, and is working towards spreading awareness about the disease. “I feel it’s my duty to instil trust and confidence in the minds of all those who have been afflicted by breast cancer. I am going to involve myself full-time in this endeavour in the near future,” she said.

Mamta Mohandas


Actor and singer Mamta Mohandas surprised fans with a grand re-entry into the film industry after her recovery from lymph node cancer. Even while she battled the disease, she continued to act in Malayalam films.

“For the first time in life, I was scared. It is easy to say, be positive. But this time, I felt it is ok to be scared, to be human. People were talking to me about work, music, but nothing could bring me out of my shell,” she told The Times of India in an interview.

The 29-year-old actor got her break in the Malayalam film industry with the movie Mayookham in 2005. She married Prajith Padnabhan in 2011 and got divorced in 2012.

She recalled her parents’ support and tireless care, which she said helped immensely. “My mom and dad; they gave me a reason to live during the lowest phases. I would get negative thoughts, but mom just kept feeding me, tirelessly, while dad would always tell me — don't forget to smile,” she said in the interview.

She has often told the media that the disease taught her to be mature and that she learned to face life calmly.



Member of the Lok Sabha, comedian and actor Innocent has made an enormous contribution to Malayalam cinema with his work in over 500 films. Even in the face of cancer, his comic touch seems to have carried the day for him.

His doctors reportedly said that his magical ability to see humour in any situation enabled him to come out unscathed from the disease.

“A positive frame of mind will help in restoring the patient’s health,” he had told the media after his treatment.

“I took it so lightly, first thing is I did not follow any superstitions related to cancer. Find humor in all situations you face,” he told Kairali TV.

In his book “Cancer wardile chiri” (laugh inside the cancer ward) he humorously explains his experiences while fighting cancer. The book has been an inspiration to other cancer patients and became an instant bestseller.

After his recovery, he won the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Although he had a relapse, media reports say that he is responding well to treatment.

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