Suresh sisters to turn composers for 'Crossroad'

Abhirami and Amrutha are two musician sisters.
Suresh sisters to turn composers for 'Crossroad'
Suresh sisters to turn composers for 'Crossroad'
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When Abhirami Suresh updated her status on Facebook – “Myself and my sister Amrutha Suresh have geared up for a new musical venture that will be a milestone for us as musicians. Will unveil the much awaited news in a few days...” – not everyone was sure what the news would be about. But it was eventually revealed that the Suresh sisters will soon be turning composers with Crossroad.

At the song launch, Abhirami went on to explain, “The producer (Parthan Mohan) of Mudra (a short segment in the film) and I have been close friends. During a casual talk one day, he suddenly asked me about composing the song. The number of days left for its launch was coming closer. We sat together, did the composing and recorded it at a studio in Kochi.”

On the new venture, Amrutha added, “Together we sang, together we composed. That's how it was.”

The lyrics for the song were penned by Avira Rebecca, the director of Cherivu, which is another part in the movie. On turning a music composer, Abhirami said that she'd always wanted to score music for songs and had been doing it since the age of 14.

Being a skilled keyboard player and violinist, Abhirami is hopeful of bagging several composing offers. Interestingly, the video song will feature the Suresh sisters and the shoot is expected to commence very soon. It may be mentioned here that Amrutha Suresh sang and also appeared in the album Anayathe. On the other hand, Abhirami Suresh is an established actor having appeared in films such as Keralolsavam, Gulumal, Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane and Beware of Dogs.

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