Manju's Facebook page has been flooded with comments from the public

Support pours in for actor Manju Warrier after ex husband Dileep marries Kavya Madhavan
news Social Media Friday, November 25, 2016 - 13:25

With the news of Malayalam actors Dileep and Kavya Madhavan tying the knot on Friday morning in Kochi, social media users have done the inevitable - turned their attention to actor Manju Warrier, Dileep's ex-wife.

Since morning, Manju's Facebook page has been flooded with comments from the public, expressing their support and applauding her decision to divorce Dileep in early 2015.

Sample this:

"Love and respect to you have increased now. You were right and only you are right."

"I feel like worshipping you with flowers .  I was always with Manju before also, hats off to u Manju, love u even more. Dileep and Kavya's drama has come to an end,"

"My sister you should go head to reach your aims and dreams. We are with you, with full support," 

In pictures: The Dileep- Kavya Madhavan wedding that happened at last

"Finally time proved that yoy were right...respect towards you enhanced among all keralites..He never deserve a person like you. Be active in social issues carefully like you are doing now. We all are with you. You r great."

"Malayalis will always be with Manju. Have lost all respect for Dileep. Is this why Manju divorced him?" 

"Manju Warrier was right. dileep's true nature has been exposed now. It is now that I respect Manju."

"Media is celebrating their marriage. Has people forgotten the value of Manju's womanhood?" 

Many have also taken to abusing Kavya Madhavan and Dileep for the decision.

Manju Warrier and Dileep had a bitter divorce in January 2015. Much before this, there were rumours about Dileep's closeness to Kavya. However, it was Manju's decision to make a comeback to films that was blamed for the divorce. The fact that their daughter, Meenakshi, chose to stay with Dileep and not Manju, made people direct their ire towards Manju for "not being a good mother". 

At that time, Manju had chosen to remain tight-lipped about her decision although she made an appeal to the public not to abuse her friends, actors like Geethu, Bhavna, and Poornima among others, who'd come out in her support. She'd also filed a complaint against a Kerala police officer for posting a vulgar comment about her on social media. 

Focusing on her career after her separation from Dileep, Manju went back to being the superstar that she'd been before. 

The Dileep-Kavya-Manju love triangle has been the obsession of the media and the public in Kerala. Now that the story has finally come to an end, the tide seems to have turned in favour of Manju on social media. 

In pictures: The Dileep- Kavya Madhavan wedding that happened at last

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