Summer in K’taka to be hotter than normal, says Met Dept as mercury rises across state

Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka have recorded temperatures above normal even as summer is yet to official set in.
Summer in K’taka to be hotter than normal, says Met Dept as mercury rises across state
Summer in K’taka to be hotter than normal, says Met Dept as mercury rises across state
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The sweaters have been stashed away and the shorts have come out. This as Bengaluru and the rest of Karnataka have been recording temperatures above normal, even as summer officially sets from March. While Bengaluru, once known for its ‘good weather’ all year round, has seen mercury rising to 35C earlier this week, northern districts in the state have recorded temperatures as high as 40C.

An IMD official said, "For Bengaluru as a whole, for the last 3-4 days the minimum temperatures have been 2-3C more than the normal, while maximum temperatures have remained close to normal."

With no showers in sight, temperatures in Bengaluru and other parts of Karnataka will continue to remain rise in the coming days. “The IMD (India Meteorological Department) is going to come up with its official outlook next week, but with temperatures in all districts and neighbouring states being above normal, we are expecting a hotter than usual summer,” Sunil M Gavaskar, the meteorologist at the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre told TNM.

Gavaskar said, “As per the current situation, no rainfall is expected. We are into the pre-monsoon period, sudden thunderstorm activity is expected to develop any time.” “Presently due to increased humidity and no rains, people in the entire coastal belt and neighbouring areas will feel more uncomfortable compared to the northern districts despite comparatively low temperatures,” he added.

With the prevailing weather condition, Karnataka which has been facing three straight drought years is staring at another year of water scarcity. However, water levels in some major reservoirs in the state are slightly better than last year.

“Yes, some of the major reservoirs in the state have 5-6 TMC of water compared to last year. But this may not mean much. Depending on the peak temperature in the summer, we may lose 12 TMC of water due to evaporation loss only in the reservoirs of Cauvery and Krishna basin. The situation can improve if we can get some good pre-monsoon rainfall,” Subha Avinash, Project Scientist (Hydrology) told TNM.

She added, “There is no such noticeable improvement in the water levels of the minor irrigation tanks either. There is no improvement in terms of water situation be it minor irrigation water tanks or major reservoirs. Respective district authorities are taking care of the drinking water needs of the people but natural water resources are dry.”

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