Subramanian Swamy disses 'Thuglak' editor Gurumuthy: Calls him ‘Rajni Publicity Activist’

The RSS ideologue has been a vocal advocate of Rajinikanth and the BJP joining forces in the state.
Subramanian Swamy disses 'Thuglak' editor Gurumuthy: Calls him ‘Rajni Publicity Activist’
Subramanian Swamy disses 'Thuglak' editor Gurumuthy: Calls him ‘Rajni Publicity Activist’
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BJP MP Subramanian Swamy disapproved of 'Thuglak' magazine editor S Gurumurthy’s thoughts on a possible alliance between actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Swamy, in his tweet, suggested that the Thuglak editor was nothing more than publicist for Rajinikanth. “Media anchors call S. Gurumurthy CA as “RSS Idealogue”. There is no such post in RSS. They better call him Rajni Publicity Activist,” he tweeted.

While Gurumurthy has been vocal about his views on Rajinikanth and the BJP coming together in the state, his latest comments was made on Wednesday on the sidelines of a FICCI event organised in Chennai.

Addressing reporters, the RSS ideologue said, “There is a possibility for capturing the government if Rajini and Modi join hands. Rajini's mass appeal and Modi's efficient administration will draw victory, is my opinion."

In a similar statement in January, he had said, “We need a change and BJP too should realize it and dump the thought of aligning with either of the two Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu. BJP should go on its own and align with Rajinikanth and that is sure to fetch unparalleled success."

Explaining his position, Gurumurthy said that the mention of “spiritual politics” by the actor-turned-politician was a clear sign that he was distancing himself from Dravidian politics. He argued that the time was ripe for a Rajini-BJP combination.

He said, “The situation in Tamil Nadu is that both Dravidian parties are getting diminished. Rajinikanth is intelligent. He was waiting for an opportune moment when both places (DMK and AIADMK) are empty.”

While the BJP has had a historically dismal run in the state’s electoral politics, it has managed to stay in the news with one controversy after another. BJP National Secretary H Raja recently made controversial remarks against DMK Rajya Sabha MP Kanimozhi, calling her an 'illegitimate child'.

This isn’t the first time Subramanian Swamy has taken a shot at Rajinikanth. Just last month, the BJP leader had slammed the actor saying, "Rajinikanth doesn’t know politics." He argued that only politicians should be in politics.

Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics in December 2017. While the actor has not made statements on other parties, he is widely seen as being ideologically inclined to the right.

Reacting to this, Gurumurthy said, "Media appointed me as adviser to VP Singh. He didn't. Then as Vajpayee's. He didn't. Then as Jayalalithaa's she didn't. Then as Modi's. He didn't. As RSS ideologue. RSS didn't As Rajni's Adviser. He hasn't. I am just a journalist and editor Thuglak magazine."


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