Swamy declared that the New Delhi-based University is a hub for anti-national activities

Students and teachers in JNU are naxalites says Subramanian Swamy
news Video Saturday, September 26, 2015 - 17:41

In the middle of the controversy over next Vice-Chancellor of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has called the university a place where Naxalites thrive.  

Speaking to reporters, Swamy declared that the New Delhi-based University is a hub for anti-national activities. He said,"Lot of drug issues and one can find Jihadis too."

Pointing at the fact that majority of the people, including students and staff, are leftist, Swamy accuses the university of having a soft corner for people with leftist ideology. 

"The Naxals and LTTEs are always known to have been there. The university is selective about the kind of people it wants to recruit. All of them in the university have a leftist mindset. No one with a different perspective is favoured."

"They are naxals... even the professors are naxals".

Even after being countered by the reporter for making the controversial statement, Swamy told him that he stands by the statement and that he has put a lot of thought into it. 

A few days ago, parts of the university students' union took a strong note of news reports about the possible appointment of Subramanian Swamy as the new vice-chancellor of the university.

On September 23 Swamy tweeted, "Media is on fire that I have been offered the JNU VC post. No formal offer nor will there be if the government cannot meet my pre-conditions," which, apparently, include the permission to "rusticate anti-national students." JNU students are not letting even rumours slide without protest. 

On Thursday Swamy tweeted what he called his"pre-conditions". He said, "I think JNU needs an Anti-Narcotics Bureau campus branch office to raid dorms and arrest Naxal[ite]s, jehadis and Elis. BSF camp also" and "No question of my considering (accepting post) unless allowed to rusticate anti- national students."

"Many thanks to PTs for solid support for uprooting the free sex Naxalities, drug running by LTTE remnants and subversion of Jehadis in JNU," he tweeted. 

Some BJP leaders have also been attacking the JNU culture by saying that it is a hub of anti-national activities. In the recently held JNU elections, the ABVP backed candidate won one seat. The ABVP managed to win a seat at the JNU after 14 years.


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