Flix Tuesday, June 23, 2015 - 05:30
  A German man was asked to give half of what he owned to his ex-wife as part of divorce agreements. He did exactly that. The man cut everything, from their furniture to electronic appliances and even the teddy bear, in halves and sent one part to his now ex-wife. The other set of halves he put on Ebay for sale. The story of the scorned man went viral and several media organisations, including The News Minute, had reported about it.   However, it turns out that none of it was real, and it was actually a marketing campaign by a German law-portal, states a Factually report. The report has also published a translated version of a story in Suddeutsche Zeitung, a German language online magazine. It reads, "Two days later is now clear: None of this was real. There is no Martin G., no Laura and no work colleagues. In truth, it is a guerrilla marketing campaign of the German Lawyers’ information, a consumer-law portal of the German Bar Association. On Saturday, the organization expressed its commitment. The aim was to attract more people into German law firms, so that they themselves - be advised of a possible divorce and protect legally - of course for a fee." The inspiration for the gimmick however could have been picked from a real-life incident. In 2007, a German man had chainsawed his house "to settle his imminent divorce", adds the report.