news Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 05:30
The state has reported the highest number of swine flu cases in the last four months, more than the 2010 outbreak, said a report in Deccan Herald. Since January, 3032 H1N1 cases were reported across the State, with a mortality rate 85. However, in 2010 when the panic gripped the the State after the outbreak, only 2552 cases were reported with 120 deaths. As many as 2,075 cases were recorded from Bengaluru Urban and Rural districts alone.  Mysuru and Tumakuru districts have reported 120 and 134 cases respectively, according the report. Dr H Paramesh, who heads a State department on H1N1 said that those who were not exposed at the time of the previous outbreak were the possible suspects since they had not developed immunity. However, the rise in the number of cases can be attributed to a mutation in the virus although there is no suppourting scientific evidence, say doctors.