Introducing the man with the mercurial attitude- Captain "uncool".

From spitting at to assaulting journalists introducing Captain Vijayakant and his infamous temper
news Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 16:45

Among other things, DMDK chief Vijayakant is known for his temper among the media. His outbursts and unruly behavior have been captured on camera several times at various news conferences as well as in the public.

Here’s four instances when the 'uncool' Captain lost his temper and faced allegations of misbehavior and assault: 

When he tried to raise his hand to a journalist 

On April 20, as soon as the leader arrived in Salem for a consultative meet he was swamped by a team of journalists, who surrounded him, asking him questions. Vijayakant lost his cool immediately, and was seen trying to hit a media person present in the crowd. However, a guard behind him was at the receiving end of the action.


When he spat at the media

On December 27 last year, when reporters asked Vijayakanth if he thought the AIADMK will win the 2016 elections, he said, “No, AIADMK will not win, enough?” and then accosted the reporter asking him why he does not ask the same question to Jayalalithaa, accusing the reporter of being fearful. He went on to ask, “Are you a journalist?” following it up with a strong, resounding “thoo”.  

A huge uproar ensued within the media community after this incident with the Chennai Press Club condemning the leader for his actions and demanding an apology.

Later that month, following a complaint filed by an AIADMK linked lawyer, the Chennai police registered a case against Vijayakant for spitting on journalists during the press meet.


When he threatened to hit a journalist with a microphone 

Last April, a miffed Vijayakant threatened to hit a journalist, who worked with the ruling party’s Tamil channel, on hearing his questions.

“If I hear any more questions from you, I’ll hit you with the Mic here. I'm seeing you in all my press meets, I know you are appearing only to trouble others,” he shouted at the scribe according to The News Indian Express, following which he left the room without completing the press meet.


When he misbehaved with the media at the airport

A few years ago, Vijayakant reportedly misbehaved with a couple of journalists who sought his reaction over the defection of some DMDK MLAs to the AIADMK. He allegedly pushed the journalists who asked him the question and was unruly with them. 


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