Vandana told TNM that she has spoken to the CIty Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao on the matter and has been assured of all assistance.

Spat on intimidated Neighbour alleges harassment by Bluru IPS officers family
news Controversy Monday, June 29, 2020 - 22:05

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a Bengaluru-based IPS officer’s family has been accused of abusing power. The concerned officer is Ajay Hilori, who is facing probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation for the IMA Ponzi scheme scandal since 2019. Incidentally, the IPS officer is currently undergoing treatment for COVID-19 at a city hospital. 

In a Facebook post, Bengaluru-based lawyer Vandana Sudha Venkatesh alleged that the IPS officer’s wife abused her and spat on her. She further said that the family called the police on her. This happened after Vandana – who lives in the same building as Ajay Hilori’s family – made a complaint to the family about their child making noise. 

“Today while I was on a call and I was getting distrubed by the loud screeching of the child, so I called his mother whom I could see two floors below me along with the child. I politely asked her if she could manage to keep the child’s voice a little low. And after that around one hour later, around eight uniformed police staff came and rang the bell. They started shouting that they would book me for child abuse and started shooting video of me without my consent,” Vandana said. 

“They asked me how I yelled at a kid. This is when I lost my temper and shouted at them back stating that this was intimidation and they can't have eight policemen coming and threatening us. I also asked them which child abuse law they were going to book me under,” she added.

Vandana said after an hour after the police left, she decided to confront Hilori's wife which is when the wife allegedly spat on her. 

Vandana told TNM that she spoke with CIty Police Commissioner Bhaskar Rao on the matter. “He was very receptive and said that the city police will help me and he will send an officer to my home to register a complaint,” she said.