Features Sunday, September 07, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | September 5, 2014 | 12:16 pm IST Soon a full-length feature film will be made on Raju, the elephant who was rescued and freed from five decades of torturous captivity earlier this year. Raju's story has inspired Hollywood to make a movie on him and how he was rescued.  Wildlife SOS, an NGO that works towards the protection of wildlife, rescued Raju from the torture in Uttar Pradesh. He now lives in Wildlife SOS's Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Agra, with a group of other elephants, where he being administered proper care and his wounds are being tended to. ( Raju before he was rescued by Wildlife SOS ) The co founders of Wildlife SOS Geeta and Kartick were approached by US based movie producers Vijay Amritraj and Larry Brezner to create a film on the efforts of Wildlife SOS to rescue Raju and the battle they fought to make his freedom a reality. California based movie production company owner and India tennis champion Mr Vijay Amritraj said "We love the story of Raju and can’t wait to start making this movie. It will focus on how the founders of Wildlife SOS Geeta and Kartick rescued Raju and the challenges they faced in doing that. It will also highlight how Wildlife SOS supporters, volunteers and and staff from all over the world played a role to drum up support for Raju. " Kartick Satyanarayan of Wildlife SOS said “Raju’s story is inspirational and it can bring much needed attention to the plight of elephants in India.” According to Wildlife SOS, Raju’s emotional story will now add on to the list of films like Free Willy, Born Free,Gorillas in the Mistetc and will surely be embraced by international platforms. ( Raju with Kartick Satyanarayan ) Raju's story of rescue had been covered widely by the media.  But Raju's future still lies in jeopardy since his former owner has launched a legal battle claiming that the majestic beast is his property.  Read: Ex-owner claims Raju, the elephant, is his property; takes matter to court