The theatre group is all set to raise funds for Endosulphan victims, the play will be staged in the first week of May

Six reasons why you should watch Khasaakinte Itihaasam play in Bengaluru
Features Khasak Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 18:42

Noted Malayali litterateur OV Vijayan’s cult classic ‘Khasaakinte Itihaasam’ (The Legends of Khasak) is all set to be staged as a play in Bengaluru from May 6-8 by the Namma Khasak group. The play seeks to bring alive the inherent existential crisis and magical realism that resonates all throughout the novel in a literally dramatic fashion.

The play is directed by Deepan Sivaraman - a noted theatre personality and recipient of various awards including the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award and the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Award.

The News Minute enumerates six reasons as to why you should watch the play:

1. The play is based on OV Vijayan’s epic novel

The play is an independent and theatrical adaptation of OV Vijayan’s novel  ‘Khasaakinte Itihaasam. Considered a path-breaking novel in Malayalam literature, it comprises many stories of Thasraak -a remote village in Palakkad- steeped in a multi-layered, deeply philosophical reality.

The play too seeks to re-create the imaginary and legendary land of Khasak in the background of North Malabar village shrines, where myths and realities still stay inter-woven into the fabric of everyday life.

2. The play is aimed at raising funds for charity

The play -supported by Nambiar builders and co-hosted by NECAB (NSS Engineering College Alumni Association of Bangalore) and Blue Ocean Theatre- is aimed at raising funds for the charity activities of ENVISAG Trust- an organisation that works towards helping victims of Endosulphan, and the NECAB Charity Trust which helps impoverished children studying in government schools in and around Bangalore.

3. The play is performed in a specially designed stage

Moving away from the conventional auditorium-themed plays, the production will be performed in a rectangular-shaped open space. All four sides of the stage are entry points for characters with the audience seated in the form of a C, giving them a clear view of all that is happening onstage.


4. The play will be a spectacular visual treat for audience

The 205-minute play will see extensive use of water, fire, soil, scent and fog. The play will also feature dramatic elements of Theyyam- a ritual art form from Malabar and Dakshina Kannada areas. Huge puppets and masks will also be used during the production.

5. A play with subtitles!

Even though the play is scripted in Malayalam, the crew has made arrangements for English subtitles for the Bengaluru populace. The fourth side of the stage will have a big LCD screen displaying the subtitles.

6. The play finds relevance in today’s time

According to the Namma Khasaak team, the play has special relevance at this point of time as it talks about the possibility of how multi-cultural, multi-dimensional realities can co-exist peacefully in a symbiotic manner. 

At a time when the country seems to disintegrate into pieces due to issues like communalism and regionalism, the play provides its own unique perspectives into religion, language, politics and sex  through its fascinating characters.

The play will be staged at the Christ School (ICSE) Ground from 7pm to 10.30pm from May 6-8. Book tickets here.

Watch a short preview of the play here: 


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