The film was named ‘Sisak’ because of its poignant meaning in Urdu – a cry caught in your chest.

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The bustling Mumbai local is the lifeline of the city and the birthplace of many stories. And here’s another story of two people who fall in love but cannot be together. Sounds like a typical romance film right? Except that it’s not. ‘Sisak’ is the story of two men who meet in a compartment of the local, fall in love, but cannot be together because their love is not recognized here. And it’s a silent film.

Watch the teaser here:

Filmmaker Faraz Arif Ansari told the Gay India blog that the film is a silent one because the government has “literally pulled the tongues out of our mouth” – a reference to section 377 which is used to criminalize homosexuality.

The film was named ‘Sisak’ because of its poignant meaning in Urdu – a cry caught in your chest.

Currently in its post-production stage, the film and its crew are making an appeal to the public to help them raise money to finish the film:

While they started with a minimum target of Rs 3 lakh, with help from various backers, they were successful in raising the money by August 31. However, with seven days remaining in their crowdfunding deadline, the crew is continuing with the campaign to use the extra funds for traveling to film festivals, paying the actors and crew and so on.

Faraz recounts how he approached many production houses for two years but found them too afraid to fund a film on a taboo subject. “It is criminal to be a homosexual (person) in this country. That’s why I wanted to make a film where people don’t talk to each other,” he says.

“They don’t even hold hands in the entire film. They’re just there and they fall in love. And while watching them fall in love, you fall in love with them,” Faraz says.

Based on the secret “world of cruising in Mumbai locals”, the crew promises that the film will tug at your heart and make you root for protagonists.

The couple is played by 36-year-old Jitin Gulati and 21-year-old Dhruv Singhal. While Jitin’s character lives a corporate life, Dhruv’s character is a student. Both men are lonely and looking for love.

You can access their crowd-funding campaign and other details on Wishberry.


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