Flix Monday, July 13, 2015 - 05:30
A few days ago Amazon India decided to thank its customers and placed an ad in newspapers. The ad had the word 'Thank You' in many Indian languages. What angered Sindhis, or at least one particular Sindhi was that Sindhi language was not part of the campaign. Wait what?!? @amazonIN Did you see this? #RUSerious pic.twitter.com/lgqbbQ4JHK — Achint Parekh (@Achint) July 13, 2015 And then it just got out of control! #SindhisIgnored @amazon Why was Sindhi language ignored here? Isn't it very much a part of India? http://t.co/e0n0fglY9d @RadioSindhi — Divya Gajria (@DivyaGajria) July 2, 2015 @Joydas Amazon thanked everyone in India in 21 languages but missed Sindhi so now some people are pissed because... you know big heads? — Sonam (@Y_S0_Serious_) July 13, 2015 Dude @amazonIN U CRAY CRAY?! U PISSING OFF SINDHI SHOPPERS?! https://t.co/sDPiTIEITy — Rohan (@mojorojo) July 13, 2015 And now it seems Amazon India has bowed down to Sindhi fury and included the Sindhi thank you. (This was a picture they put up on Facebook) Hurray !!! Amazon finally added Thank you in Sindhi. It's first victory of Sindhis in India (Y)مهرباني مهرباني مهرباني... Posted by Radio Sindhi on Monday, July 13, 2015 (The Sindhi thank you has been added right on top, the second thank you in the list)