He sent her over 100 messages on Twitter on November 5.

Shruti Haasan files complaint in Chennai against a Twitter stalker By TeachAIDS (Flickr: Shruti Haasan - TeachAIDS Interview) via Wikimedia Commons
news Cyber Crime Saturday, November 12, 2016 - 13:51

Actor Shruti Haasan has filed a complaint with the police, alleging that a man was stalking her on Twitter, asking her about her film schedules and telling her to cook for his friends.

The actor filed a complaint with the cybercrime grievance cell in Chennai on Wednesday, against a person named Dr Guruprasad KG, who tweeted to her through the handle @sumanmindcare1. A cursory check reveals that the same person is tweeting other celebrities as well.

The person, who appears to be a Karnataka-based psychiatrist, has reportedly been tweeting to her for the last few months, and sent her over 100 messages this month.

In recent tweets, the man questioned the actor about her mental stability, maturity and asked her about her film schedules. He specifically asks her to cook for his friends when she went abroad on shoot. 

However, he claimed that he was following her on Twitter as any other ‘guy’ would.

I’m just following like any other guy from distant quietly abt ur activities n statements n all n wondering r u a teenager ??!

“in btw I m sure u have left few of my Junior or senior MBBS classmates families abroad !! Ask my friends this time!!”

“when u meet n greet n cook them !! Or else I will share their numbers once u share which family u met so far till date”

Earlier in 2013, Shruti was attacked by a stalker at her home in Mumbai. The man tried to strangle her.

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