Mollywood is reeling in shock after the arrest of Dileep in the actor abduction case.

Shocked to know this face of Dileeps Jayaram Navya Asif and others react
news Dileep Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 18:25

Mollywood is still reeling in shock after the arrest of superstar Dileep on Monday in connection with the abduction and sexual assault of a prominent woman actor on February 17.

The police made the arrest claiming that it had "irrefutable" evidence of the conspiracy allegedly hatched by Dileep.

The remand report of actor Dileep reveals chilling details that show a deep vendetta if proven true.

In the emergency AMMA meeting convened at Mammootty's residence on Tuesday, Dileep's primary membership from the association was cancelled. Reports say that the actors were unanimous in their decision to remove him from AMMA, although until the arrest the association had defended him and even pronounced him to be innocent.

Mamta Mohandas, an actor known to be close to Dileep, said,"The industry has earned a bad reputation now and it will affect everyone involved. An issue that could have been solved within four walls has lead to vengeance and this utter mess."

However, Mamta doesn't believe that there is any need for the women in the industry to form their own union.

The actor told Manorama News that those who had formed the Women in Cinema Collective must have felt the necessity for such an organisation, but that she herself was neither for or against any outfits.

Dileep has worked in the Malayalam film industry for over 25 years and he was close to many prominent stars who are still unable to grapple with the situation.

Actor Jayaram, who has had a long association with Dileep, said that he was extremely pained by the developments.

"I was more close to him than most people in the industry. Thirty three years ago, he introduced himself to me outside Ernakulam Kalabhavan and said 'Hello, I am Gopalakrishnan, I am your fan.'"

Navya Nair who made her debut with Dileep told Asianet News that she was shocked to know Dileep's diabolical face. "I had believed that he was a good man, but now I am pained. It was shocking. I have known many things that happen in the industry, but nothing can be compared to this. I respect the survivor not just for filing the complaint, but for sticking to her stand. She has not withdrawn from her stand because of her honesty. I salute her."

Another actor, Asif Ali, said that he had never imagined that his friend, the survivor, would be attacked in such a way. "He did something that a man should never do to a woman. Even when all this is over, I don't think I can work with him, I have mentally distanced from him," he said.

Asif Ali told Reporter Live that even if his friend, the survivor, manages to get justice, that still would not take away the fact that she had been harmed: "I have seen her sorrow. Nothing can change what happened."

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