A Facebook page uploaded photos of what roles the characters would play as IT workers.

Shiva the talented fresher Katappa the company loyalist Baahubali characters as IT employees
Social Film Sunday, May 07, 2017 - 13:23

In the week since its release, Baahubali 2 has broken all box office records and is a hit with fans. With raving reviews, the magnum opus has also inspired a fun spin-off – what would Baahubali characters do in a software company?

A Facebook page called TechnoparkToday.com uploaded photos of what roles characters like Shiva (Mahendra Baahubali), Sivagami and Katappa would play had they been in the IT sector. And the results are quite in sync with their on-screen characters.

1. Shiva, the clueless but talented fresher

Much like his character in the film, Shiva would initially be clueless about his true potential at the company. But his enthusiasm, along with the right guidance would enable him to realise his true prowess.

2. Bhallaldev, the above average developer

There’s always that one guy in the office who can be really good at work if he wants to be, but he chooses to indulge in office politics and get his work done in more unpleasant ways – much like Rana Duggabati’s character in the films.

3. Avantika, the beautiful HR

There’s a cliché in films called the manic pixie dream girl – a woman character whose sole purpose is the self-actualisation of the male lead, the hero. She’s stunning, attractive and quirky, but there’s not enough depth to her character. Taking from the criticism Rajamouli received for Avantika’s character in the first film, she would only be the beautiful HR who woos freshers to join the company.

4. Amarendra Baahubali, the hardworking, underrated developer

Much like the good, righteous royal claimant to the throne, Amarendra Baahubali would be a skilled and eligible developer in a software company. But owing to office politics, he doesn’t get his due. Also, this has definitely got some Ned Stark vibes.

5. Katappa, the company loyalist

No one could carry out this role better than Katappa, especially now that we know why exactly he killed Amarendra Baahubali. He’d be the right hand resource to any manager but ultimately most loyal to the company.

6. Sivagami, the senior team leader

Tough, strong and motivational – three words that would describe Sivagami’s reel-life and IT-life characters aptly. You just couldn’t sweet talk this sharp woman.

7. Bijjalaldev, the manager

There’s often that one manager who cannot hide his biases no matter how hard he tries (or not). Aptly suited for Bijallaldev, this particular team leader/manager would do what it takes to get the best for his “pet resource”, just like he did for Bhallaldev over Amrendra Baahubali in the film.

8. Kalakeya, the client 

The warriors who speak their own language - the Kalakeya would be ideal to play IT sector clients. They have their own demands and language and little to do with (the limitations of) C++ and Java languages.

(All photos courtesy TechnologyparkToday.com)

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