‘She will die in Lahore’: Hyd man alleges Pakistani husband torturing his daughter

The man who married Mohammadia Begum allegedly did not disclose that he was a Pakistani.
‘She will die in Lahore’: Hyd man alleges Pakistani husband torturing his daughter
‘She will die in Lahore’: Hyd man alleges Pakistani husband torturing his daughter
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When 23-year-old Mohammadia Begum, a resident of Hyderabad, was married off to Mohammed Younis, a resident of Muscat, in 1996, little did she realise that her life was going to take a turn for the worse.

Twenty years after the marriage, Begum's family, who live in Bandlaguda, have alleged that Begum is presently in Lahore, and is being constantly harassed by Younis.

"At the time, Younis, kept telling us that he lived in Muscat, worked in Muscat, and was an Omani national. We made the mistake of believing him," says Mohammed Akbar, Begum's father.

The necessary ceremonies were conducted over the phone, and Begum was sent to Oman after that, where she joined Younis.

It was not until several years into the marriage that Younis allegedly disclosed that he was a Pakistani national.

"By then, they already had four kids, two sons and two daughters. I am yet to even meet Younis. I had gone through an agent, and I believed what he said, without checking. That was my mistake and I regret it now," Akbar adds.

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Since her marriage in 1996, 44-year-old Begum has only come home once in 2012, the family says. She shifted to Lahore with Younis the same year.

"Even at that time, it was all okay. She had come alone without the children, but she did not tell us anything about all this. She came from Oman and went back there. Only after that, he took her to Pakistan," says Karim, Begum's brother.

The family alleges that Begum is now being physically and mentally tortured by Younis.

"He told her that she is going to die in Pakistan and she's never going to see our (the family's) faces again. I fear so. She calls whenever she gets the chance and just cries. Even her mother cries every time she listens to her voice," says Akbar.

He goes on to add: "She just says one thing always.’Baba. I want to come back home. I don't want to stay here. Please save me baba. Do something'."

The family says that things changed in 2012 when Younis lost his job as a mechanic in Muscat, and told Begum that he was a Pakistani. 

"Within a few weeks, they packed up and he forced her to shift to Lahore with him. From the past few months, Begum's calls are getting more desperate. We are trying to do everything we can, to help her," Akbar adds.

The family also alleges that Begum's Indian passport had expired in April last year, but she has not been allowed to renew it.

On Friday, the family posted a letter to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, seeking for her intervention in the matter.

"As her life is in danger, I humbly request you to use your office and ask the Indian embassy in Pakistan to send her back to India as soon as possible," the letter reads.

The family has also submitted representations to the Hyderabad Police Commissioner.

"Please help us get our daughter and her children back. We can't bear to hear her struggle like this. She has not done anything to deserve this," Akbar adds.

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