While you expect scary or suspense-filled scenes, all you get to watch is the hero following and romancing newbie Sonika Gowda.

Shathaya Gathaya review This thriller only induces yawns
Flix Sandalwood Friday, June 08, 2018 - 17:00

Forget making money, this week’s release Shathaya Gathaya, which made tremendous noise before the release, has failed to make any kind of impression.

When the plan was to pitch a Kannada movie against Kaala, the makers should have at least thought twice about the quality of the content, as it was to compete with a biggie.

Shathaya Gathaya is a Sanskrit term and literally translates to ‘at any cost’. After watching the film, one is tempted to advise viewers to avoid this film ‘at any cost’.

Set in a village near Hassan (off the Western Ghats), Shathaya Gathaya claims to be a suspense thriller and ‘is based on a true story’. But frankly, it is just an exhausting watch, making several in the audience turn to their phones for entertainment midway.

A series of murders take place in the village and we already know that our hero Shiva (Raghu Ramappa) is behind this from the promos. The reason for the killing spree is revealed. While on this murder mission, Shiva stumbles upon the fact that someone else has also been plotting and executing these murders. His quest to find out the actual murderers forms the crux of the film. In between this, he flexes his muscles and fights, spreads his arms and romances with the heroine.

While you expect scary or suspense-filled scenes to follow, all you get to watch is the hero following and romancing newbie Sonika Gowda. Although, the story is self-revealing, the audiences are left perplexed as to why the scenes take a leap without any connection or justification.

Celebrity trainer Raghu Ramappa’s amateurish performance is brought to light and we sincerely feel he should get back where he belongs to – Body Building. Sonika Gowda is the biggest victim of this lethargic film and has been treated like a showpiece. Throughout the film, she appears ‘out of nowhere’ on the screen, quickly finishes her part and goes back to nowhere. The well-known actor-choreographer has tried her best to justify her role, but this does not seem to be an impressive debut for her.

Govinde Gowda and Kuri Pratap’s double entendre, cheesy, sexist comedy scenes are forced into the plot. Drunken Gadappa of Thithi fame, who appears on screen for less than a minute, has been wasted.

As clichéd as it can get - cops appear in the last scene, appreciate our hero for ‘doing the work that they were supposed to have done' and the end credit rolls. Well played, director! We thought it was based on a real story. Our bad!

Director and producer Sandeep Gowda seems to have splurged when it comes to making the movie. Ravi Nandan’s music is forgivable and forgettable. It follows any other commercial film formula – an introduction song, a duet, an item song.

Immature acting and direction is apparent throughout the film. The movie-makers and actors have collectively failed to evoke horror, fear, laughter or any emotion for that matter. Other highlights include – shoddy camera work and pathetic editing.         

As Kaala isn’t releasing anytime soon in Karnataka, this week was an opportunity to feed film buffs some good quality Kannada film(s) and boost the ego of Sandalwood fans and film-makers. But, no, that’s not happening. Movies like Shathaya Gathaya only divert the audience towards other woods.

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