Several hours after landing in Kerala, Trupti Desai still stuck inside Kochi airport

Around 400 protesters have stationed themselves at the entrance of the airport but Trupti Desai has stated that she will not return to Pune without a visit to Sabarimala temple.
Several hours after landing in Kerala, Trupti Desai still stuck inside Kochi airport
Several hours after landing in Kerala, Trupti Desai still stuck inside Kochi airport
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Seven hours after she landed in Kerala, Bhumata Brigade chief Trupti Desai has not been able to step out of the Cochin International Airport as around 400 protesters have surrounded the entrance. Trupti landed at 4.30 am on Friday at the airport and protesters have been trickling in ever since demanding that she go back.

Trupti has reached Kerala to enter Sabarimala temple and has stated that she will attempt the climb on Saturday, November 17, at 7 am. Speaking to TNM, Trupti said that the protesters have threatened to vandalise the car she travels in the moment she steps out.

However, it is unlikely that she will be able to exit the airport anytime soon. Around 150 policemen have been deployed at the airport but they have not been able to get her out of there.

Asianet News reports that Kerala Online Drivers Association has told its members that no cab drivers should render their services to Trupti Desai. The Kerala police tried to escort Trupti out from another entrance of the airport as well, but have been unsuccessful so far.

Kerala DGP Loknath Behera had told the media earlier on Friday that no decision has been taken yet about police protection for the Bhumata Brigade Chief.

In a video message Trupti Desai sent to media outlets, she stated, “We booked a taxi twice-thrice but drivers have been threatened that their vehicle will be vandalised if they offer us a drive. Police have said that we can't go outside now.”

Trupti has stated that she is not willing to return to Pune without going to Sabarimala. Television visuals at 11 am showed Trupti Desai and the six women accompanying her sitting inside the airport and eating breakfast.

Taking to Facebook, Trupti had posted photos of herself and the women with her around 8 am on Friday.

“We reached Kochi airport at 4.30 am and protesters gathered in hundreds. The government has deployed 150 cops for our protection but three hours have gone by and the police have not been able to handle the situation. Protesters have said the moment Trupti Desai comes out and sits in her car, we will vandalise it,” Trupti stated in the caption written in Marathi.

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