Seven years after he murdered his wife in cold blood, former Infosys manager convicted

Satish strangulated his wife Priyanka in 2010 in their apartment in Hulimavu, Bengaluru, and tried to mislead the police later.
Seven years after he murdered his wife in cold blood, former Infosys manager convicted
Seven years after he murdered his wife in cold blood, former Infosys manager convicted
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A district principal city and sessions court in Bengaluru on Friday convicted Satish Kumar for murdering his wife in cold blood, seven years after he committed the crime.

On Saturday, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment along with imposing a Rs 25,000 fine on him.

A former HR manager with Infosys, Satish, killed his wife Priyanka, who was a Delhi Public School teacher, in 2010.

Murder most foul

Priyanka and Satish hailed from Lucknow and had been married for four years when the incident took place. They were living in a rented house in Hulimavu at the time.

On August 8, 2010, Priyanka's body was found in their apartment with her throat slit and hands and legs tied.

According to News18, Satish, in his initial statement to the police, had said that he had left the house around 5:30 that morning for his morning walk. Shortly after, he claimed, he received a call from Priyanka who informed him that two unidentified persons were standing outside their house asking about delivering newspapers.

"I told her that I did not send anyone and that she should not open the door but carry on with her yoga session. When I returned at 6.40am, I found the door locked and there was no response to the doorbell or her mobile. I thought she would have gone back to sleep. Then I went to office to bring the duplicate keys and was shocked to find her dead on entering the house," Satish said.

However, the police grew suspicious after they spotted discrepancies in his version during their investigation.

A few days later, Satish confessed to the crime.

The unravelling

Satish tied Priyanka's hands and blindfolded her while telling her that he had a surprise in store. He then strangled his wife and slit her throat.

He initially tried to mislead the police.

He got a friend to join him for jogging that day as he wanted to create an alibi. He also reportedly stole some cash from the house to make it look like a robbery-cum-murder.

The police grew suspicious of Satish's behaviour and cellphone records established that Satish had still not reached the ground when a call from Priyanka's cellphone was made to him. He had in fact not even left the house at the time. Police found that both Satish and Priyanka's cellphone locations were in the same tower range.


A domestic dispute reportedly led to the horrific crime.

Satish informed the police that Priyanka allegedly used to mistreat his parents and they had even started living separately because of this, NDTV reported. Priyanka allegedly used to "create a scene" and "humiliate" his parents whenever the latter visited their house. The young couple also had arguments over Satish giving money to his parents.

That he was a graduate and Priyanka was a postgraduate also led to quarrels between the couple.

The friction between the two reached such a point that Satish could not take it any longer and decided to get rid of her. 

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