news Wednesday, June 17, 2015 - 05:30
  "I am close to a lot of politicians."   This is what former IPL boss Lalit Modi told India Today in an interview while holidaying in the tiny Balkan nation of Montenegro on Adriatic Sea. Modi was bombastic as usual and named five former UPA ministers and two BJP leaders in the interview.   Here is a look at what Lalit Modi said about each of the politicians.   Sushma Swaraj: External Affairs Minister   “When Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje's names are coming out, they are coming out not for any other reason, because for the reason that if they have supported me as somebody who has gone through tremendous wrong by different people, and all I did. My wife was very sick, and I appealed to them for their help, to ensure that I was able to go and be with her.” "I'm admitting to the fact, yes, I made the phone call to Sushma ji, at the point in time, which is very clear that at a point in time where I have been proven by the UK courts that everything done against me was politically motivated by the last government and that the right for me to be in the UK was already granted by the UK courts."   Context: Sushma Swaraj has come under fire for asking British authorities to examine Modi’s travel request as his passport was revoked by India over money-laundering charges. Modi wished to travel to Portugal as his wife was undergoing cancer treatment.    Vasundhara Raje- Chief Minister of Rajasthan   "My wife was being taken to Portugal by whom, by Mrs Vasundhara Raje. Nobody knows that, I am putting that on record now."  "My relationship with Vasundhara Raje goes back 30 years. That relationship is known to everybody. She is a close friend of the family and my wife for a long time. She openly agreed to be (to be a witness), but unfortunately by the time the case went to trial, she was already Chief Minister, so she did not come to become a witness. The statements she gave is all on records in the courts."  (After 2003 when Vasundhara Raje became Rajasthan CM)- "What became clear around this time was that the Congress party in Rajasthan saw me as a figure closely associated with Vasundhara Raje. The fact that I increasingly moved centre-stage in Vasundhara's reform of sport meant that I inevitably came to be seen as pro-BJP, anti-Congress party RCA President." Context: Vasundhara Raje accompanied Modi’s wife Minal to Portugal in 2012 and 2013. A document drafted by Modi’s lawyers stating that Vasundhara Raje will support Modi’s immigration application has been reported by the media, but Raje’s signature was missing on it. Modi confirms in the interview that Raje was willing to sign, but could not do as as she became Chief Minister. Raje meanwhile has denied having seen any such document.   Shashi Tharoor- Congress Lok Sabha member "I am not perfectly cool and calm about someone doing an honest losing their job. (Shashi) Tharoor lost job because he lied. He lied he had nothing to do with the Kochi team. And then, what happened? Shashi Tharoor was proven to be guilty. He admitted to the Parliament. That's why he lost his job. And ultimately, what happened? His wife died, unfortunately, and that's the big problem and nobody wants to talk about that." Context : Shashi Tharoor was forced to resign as Union Minister in 2010 after it was exposed that Sunanda Pushkar, who Tharoor was to get married later, had been given 25% sweat equity in the Kochi IPL franchise. The sweat equity was later reduced to 10%.   Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel and Rajeev Shukla    “I have had conversations with Praful Patel and Sharad Pawar, both of whom told me that if I returned to India I would immediately be arrested and detained upon my arrival.”   "Sharad Pawar, Praful Patel and Rajiv Shukla also helped me in getting travel papers."   P Chidambaram, Former Finance Minister   "Because Mr. Chidambaram could not do so legally (deport Lalit Modi from UK). He tried to arm-twist. He could not do it because there were no legal grounds to do it. Mr. Chidambaram only tried to do it because he sat there as a minister. Because I took Mr. Shashi Tharoor out. It was a political vendetta and only a political vendetta. There is not a single show cause notice against me that I have...."   Read- Lalit Modi insists on legal contract for Times Now interview, channel refuses   
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