CCTV footage showed an unidentified woman boarding a bus to Bidar with the baby.

Seven-day-old baby girl abducted from Govt Maternity Hospital in HyderabadImage for representation
news Crime Tuesday, July 03, 2018 - 12:19

In a shocking incident, a 7-day-old baby girl was abducted from the government hospital in Koti, Hyderabad, by a woman who posed as a member of the hospital staff.

On Monday, the couple - Sabawat Nari and Vijaya - came to the hospital with their baby girl as part of her immunisation process.

Vijaya, who is from Yellamma Gudem, was admitted to hospital on June 21, and her daughter was born on June 27.

As the hospital was super crowded that day, the couple had to wait for their turn. Later, Sabawat and his relatives went out for lunch, while Vijaya waited with the baby.

As she was still recovering from child birth, Vijaya was reportedly very weak and dizzy. As she rested, a woman came to her and asked her if she was there for the immunisation process. Assuming she was a member of the hospital staff, Vijaya handed over the baby.

“The woman was extremely weak. She was not in any state to validate the other woman’s details,” P Shiva Shankar Rao, Inspector of Sultan Bazar, told TNM.

But when the woman didn’t return with her baby after a few minutes, Vijaya raised on alarm. By this time, Sabawat and his relatives had returned, who searched the hospital, but in vain.

The family later staged a protest outside the hospital, alleging negligence on the part of medical authorities. The couple then approached the Sultan Bazar police station.

Based on the complaint, the police filed a case under Section 363 (punishment for kidnapping) of the Indian Penal Code.

CCTV footage of the hospital showed a woman leaving the hospital with a baby, and footage from near Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, in Afzalgunj, showed her getting into a bus to Bidar.

Shiva Shankar Rao added that while they couldn’t identify the kidnapper yet, a task force has been set up to identify the kidnapper and rescue the baby.




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