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The News Minute| Updated November 30, 2014| 12.41 pm IST If you thought astrology was only about job, marriage or fortune, you are wrong. Astrologer Sachidananda Babu Guruji who hosts a very popular show on a Kannada news channel has reportedly predicted the occurrences of rape of women based on zodiac signs.   Many social media users have grabbed screenshots of his programme in which he tried to predict how, when and who is likely to rape girls/women of various zodiac signs. According to him, if a girl belongs to the zodiac sign Virgo, there is a good possibility that the girl will be raped between the ages of 14 and 20. That’s not it, she will be raped under the staircase of her house, he says. Like that wasn’t enough, he goes a step further for the Capricorns – there is likelihood that a girl will be raped by father or mother or colleague, he forecasts. He did not spare the Aries, “there is a possibility you shall be raped in the bathroom” he declared. Up next was the Aquaries. ‘There is a chance of your husband’s elder or younger brother may rape you’ he projected. The solution suggested by him for Aries reads as follows, “While you are being raped, hold the paper that has the mantra inscribed tightly.” He offers different solutions to each Zodiac sign. One of it said, "Apply Turmeric and Vibhuthi to the rapist, he will collapse and get scared and run away." These are a few instances we learnt from people who expressed their disgust on social media, though it is unclear when this programme was telecast. Almost all videos on the web of this programme have been surprisingly deleted, one video description says the programme was telecast in August 2014. We probed a little further and watched another episode of the show titled, ‘ShaniPrabhava 2014 – Saturn transit to Scorpio predicted by Sachidananda Babu Guruji’ aired on 21 October 2014. This is what we found from watching forty minutes of the one hour show. The effect of Shani (Saturn) on the Vrishchikarashi, i.e.,Scorpio is this - “there will be an increase in rapes. There will be more love affairs between students and sexual assault will be on the rise." On a rather amusing note, he has a warning for Swamijis in India. “The ‘Rasleelas’ of swamijis will be revealed,” he claimed. Perhaps, he foresaw Rampal’s arrest. He did not spare Pakistan , Bollywood or even our politicians. For each, he had a word of caution or predicted that something unpleasant was to happen. Most of his monologue involved speaking about women. This is what he said for Aries, “If you may get gall-bladder stones, especially if you eat non-veg. For women, you will have problem with your uterus.” For the Taurus, he claims that in the near future the memory of their past life will return and cause some ‘confusion’. Girls will fall in love and get cheated. For all the problems, there is just one solution – chanting mantras. For every Zodiac sign, there is a different mantra that one must utter a certain number of times to thwart the misery from knocking on your doors. This is just a glimpse of what is said by the astrologer. TV9 continues to air such shows without question or condemnation. In fact, a journalist is shown to be in conversation with the astrologer throughout the show. While many people watching the show are in a position to differentiate between right and wrong, and can distinguish between logic and irrationality, others often fall victim to such absurd predictions and superstition. The programmes are being telecast by TV9 that had recently been blocked by the cable operators on the instruction of the government as the channel was accused of being anti-government in its tone and language.
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