Sennheiser HD 4 series headphones: Pick the one meant for your phone

The foldable design of the device makes it compact enough to be on the go.
Sennheiser HD 4 series headphones: Pick the one meant for your phone
Sennheiser HD 4 series headphones: Pick the one meant for your phone
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The newly launched headsets from Sennheiser HD 4 series is unique in that you can choose the headphone designed for your phone. There is the model HD 4.30G for the Android phones, particularly from Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony and the model HD 4.30i meant for iPhones and iPads.  For all other devices you can choose a common model. So if you own a Samsung Galaxy phone of any version, you pick Sennheiser HD 4.30G, which is being reviewed here. You have the choice of two colours, black and white.

These Sennheiser headphones are designed to be used with mobile phones while on the go. There is a convenient three-button remote placed on the wire so that you can alternate between receiving a call and listening to the music with consummate ease. The device can be folded and kept in your bag when not in use. A soft pouch is provided with the pack for this.

The design is described as ‘closed-over-the-ear’ headset. The cable is attached to only one side; so it won’t tangle as it happens with most headset wires. The reason there are different models is because Sennheiser has optimised the devices to match the technology behind the respective phones. The reception, when listening to the music or the voice from the other end of a call, is undoubtedly clear and disturbance free. The ear pads have been made with leatherette material that keeps any other surrounding noise away from your ears. Even lengthy sessions of using the Sennheiser HD 4.30G does not cause any discomfort.

The Sennheiser HD 4.30 headphones are sold in India at Rs 7, 990, whether you choose the ‘G’ or the ‘i’ version.

For the record, Sennheiser had a HD 4.2 series headset also on the lower side, being priced at Rs 5, 990 and a higher end exclusively for listening to music HD 4.50 for which the price is not available.

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