Tamil actor Sivakumar batted the phone away with his left hand, without batting an eyelid.

SelfieKillerSivakumar Actor strikes again at selfie-seeking fan inspires hashtag
news Controversy Thursday, February 07, 2019 - 18:46

For years, cinema lovers have seen every kind of stunt scene — heroes beating up villains in flying cars, heroes beating up villains with peck flexes, heroes beating up villains with sheer willpower — you name it. But in what has become a unique battle between a man and the selfie, actor Sivakumar has made headlines yet again for slapping away a fan’s cell phone.

The yesteryear actor, who seemingly loathes taking selfies, can be seen entering a wedding venue with a smile on his face. Just as the actor is being ushered in, a fan takes his phone out and goes in for the celebrity selfie in all eagerness. An unflinching Sivakumar — who doesn't even stop smiling, presumably at the couple — then casually bats the phone away with his left hand.

However, as the phone goes flying in the air, there is just one and only one unmissable emotion. A person who appears to be the assistant of the actor looks at the disappointed fan as if to ask, "En ya?"

The video, reminiscent of his tad more violent video from October last year, has provoked the #SelfieKiller hashtag on Twitter, with many creative tweets on the social media website. A few months ago, the actor apologised after smacking the cell phone of a fan who had hoped to take a selfie with him at the inauguration of a new store. Many criticised the actor for his impulsive reaction to a seemingly innocent act, following which he apologised. He had also said that a celebrity cannot be treated as public property, and that a courtesy request could be extended before people start clicking selfies.

Some had expected the actor to change his attitude towards selfies, comparing him to actor Vikram’s titular role in the film Anniyan. Others went a step further, making a hilarious comparison to Rajinikanth’s roles in Baasha, where we see two entirely different characters played by the Superstar. The incident also saw a comparison to Rajinikanth’s 2.0, where Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar despises humans for using cell phones that eventually kill birds.

As the actor had bought the fan whose phone he swatted in October a cell phone, some expected Sivakumar to do the same this time round, insinuating that the incident made cell phone store owners the happiest.