The incident occurred during a “fire without matches” science fun demo at an exhibition at the NSS College near Parassala.

Science experiment at exhibition goes awry in Kerala 8 students suffer burns
news News Wednesday, November 08, 2017 - 10:47

A science exhibition in Kerala turned potentially deadly, as eight students suffered 10% burns. The incident happened during a “fire without matches” science fun demo at an exhibition at the NSS College near Parassala on Tuesday.

Out of the eight students who were injured, four were class five students from a nearby Government High School while four were from the college, reports Deccan Chronicle.

The injured students were rushed to SAT hospital and four other students from the college suffered minor rashes, reports Deccan Chronicle.

Medical College coordinator Orassana Kumar told DC, “Burns are not severe, but the students will have to remain in the hospital for 3 or 4 days to prevent the spread of infection from the wounds.”

The injured school students are Roshan, Lijeesh, Anu Abraham and Krishna Varun. The hospital officials also said that the children had suffered 10% burns, reports New Indian Express.

According to Deccan Chronicle report, the school students were watching the fire trick organised by the college students and the faculty of Chemistry department when the incident occurred.

The mishap reportedly occurred after the addition of excess of sulphuric acid to potassium permanganate crystals stored in a jar.

The students were demonstrating the flammable property of the two compounds as they come into contact in an open jar, reports Deccan Chronicle.

The NSS college principal Dr K Mohan Kumar told DC, “I am sad that the science with fun experiment caused a flutter, injuring and inconveniencing the students. Will be more careful next time.”

He also added that he was greatly relieved that the children escaped with minor injuries and this was completely unacceptable as different departments at the college regularly organise science experiments to educate students about every day science.

A retired Chemistry professor from CET expressed concern over the potential dangers in conducting such experiments carelessly. He said that the incident once again showed the potential for danger when such experiments are handled by inexperienced hands and were therefore better avoided at exhibitions.




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