"Here, neither you/ Nor your memory exists/Let the thought arise /For whom, for what?"

Schoolgirls poem against Kerala political murders goes viral a must-watchSneha Basheer
news Social Media Monday, October 17, 2016 - 18:21

In the backdrop of back-to-back political murders in Kerala, especially in Kannur, a video of a poem recited by Sneha Basheer -a schoolgirl from Guruvayur in Thrissur- where she addresses the martyrs-to-be has gone viral online.

A native of Kottapady, Sneha is a Class X student of Kundamkulam Holy Cross School and an active participant in various cultural activities. She is the daughter of Guruvayur Municipal Councillor Basheer Pookkode and Farisha. Sahil is her brother.

Speaking to The News Minute, Sneha says that she was inspired by the poem penned by her father’s friend Abu Shifas Kanoor from Kannur. “I felt I had to convey my strong opposition to such senseless killings. Earlier, people who gave up their life for political causes did so, because they truly believed in certain ideals. Nowadays, political martyrdom simply caters to politicians’ egos,” she opines.

“Have you noticed that none of the children of these so-called leaders are ever involved in taking up arms for the party? Where are they, when it comes to giving up their lives for the party? When these leaders ask the party workers to come forward to die for the party, these future martyrs should insist that they be accompanied by the children of the top brass. All political murders will come to an end from that day on,” she adds, sounding livid.  

Listen to Sneha's poem and read the rough translation below. 

“I am Sneha Basheer from Guruvayur.

Hartals once again!

Hartals that reek of blood,

for whom did you die such a painful death?

It’s no use asking this to the martyred.

But to those who are lined up for future martyrdom,

Give me a moment of your time:


Our Kerala has stood witness to numerous political killings.

Politics is for the political well-being of society,

but today, this is just an old proverb.

Dear friend, for whichever flag you lay down your life,

The loss is solely yours.


Draped in the party flag, your body will be laid out for public homage,

Thousands will circle you and walk down the steps,

Your leaders will bow their heads -for a second- in front of your body.

Numerous people will accompany you in your funeral procession

to the pyre, or the burial-ground of the Masjid, or even the church cemetery

to bid you a final goodbye.


Then, a condolence meeting in which

your leaders will blare out -through the loudspeakers-

the same condolatory message that they had prepared

for the martyr who preceded you.


You become a martyr for your party,

they too need just that!


As days pass, you too will merge with the earth six feet under.

Your leader and that of the Opposition party

which plunged the dagger into your stomach,

will be seen laughing, hugging and kissing,

sharing the same dais.


Here, neither you

Nor your memory exists.

Let the thought arise,

For whom, for what?


Your father, your mother, your children,

They are the only ones who bear your loss.

With what will your party compensate the loss

your family suffers, when they lose you?

A memorial in your name,

or a fluttering banner, with your name etched on it?


Ponder deeply over this too:

The mother who labored to give birth to you,

the children born from your sperm,

grieving in your memory,

a lifetime of tears

continue to be shed on the earth,

as searing droplets of bloods.



Don’t sacrifice your life for leaders.

To a politics of knives, daggers, swords,

Bid Goodbye.


Jai Hind!


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