"Vetrivel did it out love for ‘Chinamma’ and I don't see it as wrong. It was an act of loyalty," says Jeyanandh Dhivaharan.

Sasikala family divided on Jayalalithaa video Krishnapriya angry Jeyanandh unrattled
news Jayalalithaa Wednesday, December 20, 2017 - 16:57

Former AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala's family appears divided over the release of a video by disqualified AIADMK MLA P Vetrivel on Wednesday. The 20-second clip, released a day ahead of the RK Nagar bye-polls, purportedly shows former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa at Apollo Hospital during her hospitalisation last year.

While Sasikala's family and her nephew and ousted AIADMK Deputy General Secretary have repeatedly claimed that they possess video evidence to prove Jayalalithaa was alive while receiving treatment, they have refused to put out in public before. The family had repeatedly said that they will not carry out any activity that would be a violation of the former Chief Minister's privacy. But now, with the video of a dishevelled Jayalalithaa dressed in a night gown out in public, members of the Mannargudi family have taken radically different stands.

Sasikala's niece Krishnapriya Jayaraman took to Facebook stating, "This is a lowly act by Vetrivel, who is with TTV."

Her statement betrays condemnation of the release of the video, despite the family's attempts to keep it within themselves. Vetrivel while addressing the media, had admitted that the video was shot by Sasikala herself.

Following her outburst on social media, Krishnapriya, who is the daughter of Ilavarasi (Sasikala’s sister-in-law and co-convict in the DA case) addressed the media outside her residence.

"Vetrivel has made a huge mistake and disrespected both Amma and Chinamma. The video was given to Dhinakaran by Chinamma to submit to the inquiry commission, if necessary. How did it get to Vetrivel's hands?" asks Krishnapriya. "If Chinamma wanted to release it she would have done it when everyone was calling her a murderer. But she did not want anyone to see Amma in that state," she adds.

Sasikala's niece further demanded that TTV Dhinakaran act against Vetrivel.

"Vetrivel is now acting like nothing has happened. Dhinakaran should have taken action against him by now for what he has done," she says.

In September, Sasikala's nephew Jeyanandh Dhivaharan had told TNM that they will not release the video as it would hurt Sasikala's sentiments. This was despite multiple allegations from the Edappadi Palaniswami-led government that Jayalalithaa's health remained a mystery as ministers were not allowed to visit her at the Apollo Hospital.

But on Wednesday, the young leader, however, defends Vetrivel to say that, "We did not know that he was going to release the video. He did it due to emotional stress and his own loyalty to Chinamma. He did it out of love for Chinamma and I don't see it as wrong. It was an act of loyalty."

Contradictory to the doubts raised by Krishnapriya, her cousin Jeyanandh says, "I stand with TTV Dhinakaran. The actions and words used by OPS and EPS camp triggered Vetrivel into releasing the video."

An emotional Vetrivel while addressing the media on Wednesday had said he was tired of hearing baseless rumours about the former Chief Minister with people even claiming to be her heir.

On Tuesday, a day before the release of the video, VK Sasikala’s nephew Vivek Jayaraman issued a statement warning that legal action will be taken against those who spread lies and cast aspersions on former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa's personal life and character.


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