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The News Minute | August 11, 2014 | 4.35 pm IST This is the sentence that appears on the About page of this Facebook user: Disclaimer: This page is made for humour purpose only and does not intend to hurt anyone's feelings. We congratulate Sarthak Agarwal for his achievements. The user is Sarthak Agarwal Trolls. It has 1,47,000 Likes. And the page was created on June 4, 2014.  Then there is another page with the same name (We checked the spelling thrice to make sure) and the same disclaimer but it has just 28,190 Likes. And there were at least eight more with the same name, and then some with minor variations. These were not so popular. But the pages have got a lot of people laughing. Of course, not all the attempts at humour are tasteful, and there are the usual random jokes that people post, even though the pages are only meant for Sarthak Agarwal memes. So who is Sarthak Agarwal? Well, he is the boy who scored an unbelievable 99.6 percent in Class XII exams. The results were declared in the end of May.  His marks are so ridiculously good that a lot of people obviously could not resist creating memes. There are also people who have expressed disbelief that there are so many 'jobless' junta out there creating and actively participating on such pages. A question on Quora asks if such ridicule towards an achiever is unwarranted and sends a wrong message. Perhaps years from now, these will be compiled into a book. They have so many of the classics of Indian pop and political culture: ACP Pradyuman, Rajnikanth, Aloknath (who starred in his own joke/ meme series), Arnab Goswami, Meira Kumar, Three Idiots, Arvind Kejriwal, Batman, Shah Rukh Khan, Roadies, chyavanprash and so many others. Not all of these images are posted here, but you get the idea. Google it. Well, he got just 98 marks in English. Otherwise, his aggregate would have been, yes, 100 percent. Moving on, Presenting, The One, The Only, Rajnikanth Roadies, the spolier of Indian culture Aloknath, the protector of Indian sanskaar The difference between a student and a Sarthak Agarwal This one really needs no introduction Among the many non-Sarthak Agarwal things posted on one of these pages was a poem on the Palestinians in Gaza, posted by the administrator. And there were, in fact, a small number of takers for the poem, and who responded to it. 
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