Actors Jaggesh, Rakshit Shetty, Ragini, N Prem, and Yash have all echoed the same sentiment that Kambala should be held.

Sandalwood stars rally in support of Kambala
news Kambala Tuesday, January 24, 2017 - 09:41

Sandalwood stars have raised their voices against the ban on Kambala, a buffalo racing sport that has been prevalent in Karnataka for centuries now.

The PETA has filed a petition in the Karnataka High Court seeking a stay on the sport and the matter is pending.

With the students protesting against the ban on Jallikattu and the Tamil Nadu government passing an Act in favour of it, the Sandalwood stars have now decided to lend their support for saving their traditional sport.

Actors Jaggesh, Rakshit Shetty, Ragini, N Prem, and Yash have all echoed the same sentiment that Kambala should be held. Speaking on the issue, Jaggesh called for unity among the Kannadigas.

Times of India quoted Yash as saying, “Farmers take care of their cows and buffalos like they take care of their children. The care for buffaloes is not just during the Kambala races but throughout the year. There is a special relationship and attachment between the farmers and their animals. It is our identity that we will lose if Kambala is banned. I am in favour of Kambala. It is not only about Kambala, and not just about one sport in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu. We cannot allow our nativity to be stamped out.”

Prem was quoted as saying, “The Karnataka Chief Minister had to wait for one month just to get an appointment with the Prime Minister. Our political parties do not come together even for the cause of drinking water. It is silly to expect them to unite for Kambala or any of our traditions and culture. If Kambala is banned, Deepavali and Holi too should be banned. Deepavali pollutes and many people lose their eyesight every year. Not only Kambala, but there are several sports, involving animals in north Karnataka. If we don’t stand for our traditions, everything will be erased. Banning Kambala is not the answer. Let them suggest and give their ideas on how to take care of the buffaloes better. You cannot ask someone to stop something that has endured for a thousand years. Unless Kannadigas stand up united, we will lose what is ours one by one. I do not expect politicians to unite. It is left to the common people. But we did not unite for our water. Will we unite for traditions?”


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