"We even hesitate to open our pen caps because we might have to write the exam again"

Sandalwood celebs Yograj Bhat Duniya Vijay compose song about PU Chemistry paper leaks
news Tuesday, April 05, 2016 - 23:08

Sandalwood director Yograj Bhat has written a song sung by Duniya Vijay, about the “curse” of the II PU chemistry exam question papers. 

With the leaking of the exam question papers twice and a second re-exam scheduled for April 12, the song “Ei PCMB theete” would probably resonate with many people. Uploaded on Soundcloud on April 3, the song caustically asks repeatedly “what do you put in your stomachs”, a way of conveying that someone is bizarre by wondering what they eat.

“This chemistry paper seems to be cursed… We even hesitate to open our pen caps because we might have to write the exam again… Whoever is responsible, please don’t play with the future of the student… This issue is more mind-boggling than terrorism!”

Towards the end, without naming any names, the songs even calls someone “kaLLanan magane” a swear word meaning son of a thief, used to describe an unscrupulous person.

Actor Vijay told TV9 Kannada: “The theft has taken place at the department and nothing can get worse than that. Just because some people want to make money thousands of students’ future is at stake and that is not acceptable and they should be ashamed. We have made this sing to reflect this.”

Listen to the song here: Ei PCMB theete

On March 21, the chemistry exam was cancelled after the students wrote the exam as the PU department discovered that the question paper had been leaked. The re-exam was then scheduled for March 30. However, on the day of the re-exam, the exam was called off in the early hours, as the question paper had been leaked again.

Many students and parents alike protested against the board’s decision to conduct the exam on April 12. A parent also threatened to jump off a building.

On Monday, CID arrested 3 men, including a minister’s PA and would be kept in judicial custody until April 15.

Oblaraju, personal assistant to Medical Education Minister Sharanaparakash Rudrappa Patil, Rudrappa, an office manager, and Manjunath, a physical education teacher and insurance agent were arrested. Oblaraju reportedly sold the papers to the two other accused for lakhs.


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