Not the first time Samsung has gotten cheeky!

Samsung gets savage roasts generations of Apple iPhones in latest adImage for representation
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If you’re an iPhone user who is friends with those who are not, chances are you’ve been teased about how consecutive Apple phones have looked similar. And how it’s incredibly overpriced. And also about how it doesn’t have an earphone jack.

But Samsung seems to have dropped the biggest roast of them all on Apple. In its latest ad, Samsung subtly, but no less brutally, roasts Apple. Titled ‘Growing Up’ the ad for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 shows a man who grows up using an iPhone (because you know, iPhone users are known to be loyal).

He sees others around him using Samsung phones at different points of time. There are times when he seems to be having second thoughts. However, he remains loyal to his iPhone through the years.

Until one fine day when he doesn’t. What brings about the change of mind? Watch the full video here.

This is not the first time that Samsung has gotten cheeky about its American rival.

In 2013, the South Korean handset maker’s ad for Samsung Galaxy S4 also took a dig at iPhone. It was set in the context of a graduation party. You can watch it here.

Microsoft and Nokia too have roasted Apple’s MacBook, iPad and iPhone in a number of ads.

You can watch them here.

Back home, comedy group AIB had come up with a video spoof in 2016 on iPhone 7 by re-editing the footage from its ad. The result was quite hilarious. And back in September, the comedy group had yet again done the same for Apple’s newest model – the iPhone X. With digs at the exorbitant iPhone pricing, over the top launch and throwing around big technology words -   AIB’s spoof was much closer to reality than you want to admit.

Watch both the videos here.

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