KR Meera also spoke about the ridicule and hatred that women writers are subjected to compared to their male counterparts.

Safer to be Mohanlal than actor Vijay these days Writer KR Meera
news Controversy Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 10:46

Women in general and women writers in particular are always under attack on social media from those who indulge in whataboutery and ask them, “why didn’t you comment on this previous incident?”. And in that context, it is safer to be actor Mohanlal than actor Vijay said writer KR Meera while speaking at an event of the Keraliya Samajam at Bahrain.

“We have the example of Tamil film star Vijay before us. I had reminded in today's debate that Mohanlal is safer than actor Vijay. That's safer. It is very dangerous to make statements. These statements, especially those posted on Facebook, lead to a lot of challenges, threats and attacks. They will change the name of your name, they will make your name an abuse and they will make rejoice thinking all this will hurt you. People who don't even know you or understand what is happening will attack you and your four past generations," she said.

The writer was perhaps referring to the Income Tax raids on actor Vijay, the producer of his movie Bigil and financier Anbu Chezhiyan. Vijay's fans and many others in Tamil Nadu have alleged that the raids were a political tool to target the actor. Vijay had faced the wrath of the BJP earlier as two of his movies had criticised central schemes. Though Anbu Chezhiyan has a shady past, many alleged that the raids were to target Vijay who is also a Christian.

Actor Mohanlal meanwhile has never been critical of the central government or spoken up on issues like Sabarimala. He has met PM Modi and praised him on occasions which invited ridicule from Left and Congress in Kerala.

KR Meera also spoke about the ridicule and hatred that women writers are subjected to compared to their male counterparts.

"Recently, there was an incident where a young MLA asked if KR Meera 'uttered few words' on an issue. We had a verbal battle on Facebook between us. There is ridicule behind this question, 'did you make any utterances?'. That question is asked only to a woman like me, a writer. Men will not be asked. No one will ask if our male writers uttered anything on Sabarimala women admission. No one will ask if the male writers have anything to say on Citizenship Amendment Act. This is because they haven't said a word. A few seniors have and a few juniors, but not a single male writer who has anything to lose has uttered a word," she said.

Last February, Congress MLA VT Balram had asked on Facebook if KR Meera had spoken on the murder of two young Congress workers. This because the same day she had written a post on political murders in Kerala. Balram's post had unleashed a volley of abuses on Meera.

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