RSS mouthpiece attacks Rahul, asks why he is silent over Tanzanian woman assault

Rahul Gandhi rushed to Dadri and Hyderabad but did not question Siddaramaiah about the action he has taken on the issue, it said.
RSS mouthpiece attacks Rahul, asks why he is silent over Tanzanian woman assault
RSS mouthpiece attacks Rahul, asks why he is silent over Tanzanian woman assault
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Questioning the silence of Congress leadership over the Tanzanian woman stripping incident in Karnataka, pro-RSS publication 'Organiser' on Monday attacked Rahul Gandhi for his "selective outrage" and said he has many questions to answer.

"Rahul Gandhi who managed to rush to Dadri and Hyderabad did not even bother to ask Chief Minister from his own party about the action he has taken on such ghastly incident.

"This shameful act has brought disdain to Bharat as a nation. Rahul Gandhi who does not miss a chance to blame RSS for all the wrong things should wake up and get rid of this policy of selective outrage. Otherwise, it would be difficult for the grand old party led by a dynasty to hold on to whatever little political space it is occupying," an editorial titled "Shame of selective outrage" in the 'Organiser' said.

It further said that the downplaying attitude of Siddaramaiah government "is much more appalling".

"What is more shocking is the silence of the Congress leadership who do not miss a chance to raise the bogey of 'intolerance' and 'imposition of ideas' on various sections of society is keeping mum on continuous deterioration of law and order condition in the Congress ruled State.

"As claimed to be the sole custodian of 'democracy' and 'plurality' of Bharat, Congress and Rahul Gandhi have many questions to answer on this front," it said while taking a dig at Rahul.

The pro-RSS organ said this is not an isolated incident as crime graph in Karnataka is rising and so are terrorist activities, radical ideology is gaining ground in northern parts of the state and allegations of corruption and criminalisation of politics are growing.

It listed an incident of an Australian man was violently harassed for sporting a tattoo of an Indian goddess and now this Tanzanian student of Business Administration facing the wrath of mob fury.

It said the "insensitive approach" of state administration was evident with State Home Minister being in a denial mode.

"Identity politics in every form is a favourite dictum of Congress Party. Sometimes it is Muslim, then Dalit, now a Bengalurian, conveniently missing that a foreign student also had an identity which was diplomatically much more sensitive," it said.

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