Rollable TVs to self-driven luggage: 10 out-of-the-box technologies shown at CES 2018

There was also Somnox the sleep robot to cuddle with, a headband to help you lose weight and more.
Rollable TVs to self-driven luggage: 10 out-of-the-box technologies shown at CES 2018
Rollable TVs to self-driven luggage: 10 out-of-the-box technologies shown at CES 2018
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With over 4000 companies exhibiting their latest innovations in the consumer electronics space, the annual event CES 2018 in Las Vegas did not disappoint visitors. Obviously, a lot has already been written about some of the important products and technologies showcased in the event. But CES is also known for the futuristic -- sometimes bizarre – technology that is showcased. And this year was no different.

Here’s a shortlist of 10 technologies across diverse segments, including some of the crazy ones:

LG’s rollable 4K OLED Television

The 65-inch OLED TV demonstrated by South Korean Electronics giant LG was the cynosure of all eyes as the TV could be rolled down and sent out of view when not in use. It was more of a concept presentation than an actual product ready to be sold; but it definitely set people thinking of the endless possibilities technology can bring.

The Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset

This is a product that will get sold very soon and while Google’s Daydream-based headsets have been around for a while, the uniqueness of this headset from Lenovo is that it has all components built into it so you don’t have to strap your smartphone onto it. The Lenovo Mirage Solo has the memory, the screen, the battery and the cameras. One can enjoy the best of VR experience with this headset.

Somnox Sleep Robot

A robotic pillow you can cuddle and go to sleep. It makes the user feel like he is hugging something warm in bed and it helps with synchronizing your breathing with the simulated breathing the robot generates, sending you into deep sleep. The actual product may be out in the market by the third quarter of 2018.

Dynafocals Reading Glasses

This innovation is being included here as a product that could be of everyday use to people at large. These are reading glasses that can automatically adjust the angle of viewing without having to manually tilt your head or to draw the specs forward. There is a microchip attached to the spectacle and the nose pad has tiny airbags which do these adjustments. The lenses fitted have near, intermediate and far-focused sections to facilitate better viewing.

Sony Aibo - The Fun dog Robot

Sony has made several changes to this lovable pet robot. With advanced sensors and improved AI, Aibo can recognize your family, stream video through its nose, nuzzle your hand and learn its environment. Aibo can be bought only in Japan for now and is also priced on the higher side.

Self-driven Luggage

Developed by ForwardX, this is more fun and ease-of-use technology. Fitted with a wide-angle camera, this small sized suitcase can simply roll along the owner of the suitcase without being held through a handle. The face recognition technology helps identify the owner and there is the technique to move around obstacles even.

Modius Headband

The makers of this headband claim that the wearer of this headband can lose weight, without having to do strenuous exercises. The headband is said to send electrical signals to the brain to bring down the sense of hunger. Interesting idea but still largely unproven.

Helite Hip’Air

These are airbags designed for elders to tie around the hip while walking so that even if one slips and falls the airbags inflate before you hit the ground saving your hips from being fractured and your having to spend weeks in a hospital.

Mitipi Kevin – the virtual roommate

This is not just another speaker that it appears to be. It has been built with pre-recorded sounds that can alert an intruder that there are people at home even if you were just alone (a la Home Alone; the name Kevin has been deliberately given). It is more of a home security product.

Volo Go Cordless Hairdryer

In terms of adding comfort to your lifestyle, this cordless hairdryer will find takers whenever it gets commercially launched, which could be later this year. With a built-in lithium-ion battery that last around 14 minutes, the dryer is expected to offer the same level of heat and throw as the conventional hairdryers. You can possibly buy spare batteries to avoid any inconvenience.

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